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FCA Supports the Safe and Secure Online Program

On October 29th, FCA VP Lee Mangold traveled to Moss Park Elementary (along with the CF-ISSA President, James McQuiggan) to talk to five 5th grade classes (91 students) about being safe online and how to prevent and report cyber bullying.

The (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online program was established to bring secure computing practices to our schools, teachers and parents. The SSO program teaches students about the basics of online privacy, secure computing, and how to handle cyber bullying. (isc)2 members are invited to attent nationwide SSO training events to learn how to teach the SSO materials students, teachers, parents, and the elderly.

From the SSO Site: “(ISC)² members wanted a way to educate the most vulnerable members of society – children. The Safe and Secure Online (SSO) program was introduced in 2006 in conjunction with Childnet International, and brings (ISC)²’s information security expert members into classrooms to help children ages 7-14 learn how to protect themselves online and become responsible digital citizens.”

FSA proudly supports (ISC)2 in this noble cause.