Code of Ethics

Standards of excellence: It is especially important that a Community of Practice establish a code so that its members perform at their highest potential. When we contribute with the highest standards of behavior, when we do the right things and act with integrity, the result is a positive impact to our community. The Florida Cyber Alliance has adopted a code of ethics, which state:

  • We Serve our Community with Honesty, Integrity, and Responsibility
  • We Value Each Other with Honor while fostering Teamwork and Diversity
  • We Uphold the Spirit and Letter of the Law
  • We Act in the Best Interest of the Florida Cyber Alliance and Respect our Reputation
  • We Do the right thing and were not afraid to be Accountable
  • We Strive to help people Grow
  • We commit to Excellence in Everything we do

Dr. Lee V. Mangold
Executive Director