Florida Cyber Alliance is a non-profit charity. We work throughout Florida to provide the security community with educational, coordination, and marketing support. Our flagship program – CyberCamp – accents what we’re all about. For the past 10 years, we have worked with thousands of K-12 students across the State of Florida to teach them IT and CyberSecurity, many of which have moved into cybersecurity careers after high school or college. But our vision is much bigger than our cyber camp programs.

Through a lot of hard work, we’re working on volunteer coordination between community organizations, helping provide equipment and services to organizations in need, providing free professional education services, and much more. But we need your help. Florida Cyber Alliance is an organization that needs to grow. The mission we set out with over a decade ago is still valid and needed now more than ever. Help us achieve our vision of making Florida a world-wide cybersecurity leader.

This isn’t like a typical sponsorship – This is a charitable donation. There is no mailing list to buy and no vendor pitch to give. We’ll list you as a sponsor on our website, we’ll recognize you on social media, we’ll make sure you’re recognized in all our printed materials, and we’ll work every day to grow the industry that you work and play in. A $500 donation isn’t much, but it means the world to a charity like ours.

We hope you consider a donation, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.