New FCA Membership Options

The Florida Cyber Alliance has created a membership structure to help support the community. Our new membership options include a General membership and Student memberships.



Deciding on a membership structure is difficult. We wanted to build-in a membership structure that would allow us to offer exclusive benefits, to communicate with our supporters, to build a strong community presence, and of course, to generate much-needed revenue supporting the FCA mission.


Although non-profits need revenue to operate, we wanted to create a structure and price model that allows for everyone to participate.  Therefore, we created a free Student memberships tier as well as a low-cost $50 general member tier. While we certainly feel that a professional organization membership fee of $50 is fair, we also have a way to make that free as well.
One of the unique things about FCA is our structure: We are a volunteer organization that seeks to help other volunteer organizations. It’s impossible to overstate the need and value of our volunteers. Therefore, if you volunteer at an official FCA event (such as CyberCamp), you will be eligible for a free 1 year FCA general membership.


We hope that you’ll find our membership options acceptable and that you’ll join us in building the future of cybersecurity in Florida!

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