What are FCA Initiatives? FCA Initiatives are activities in which the FCA board and it's members decide are important enough to the general information security community warrant a focused and dedicated effort. Sometimes initiatives are "projects", as is the case of the FCA CyberCamp. Other times, the initiatives are more broadly defined, like our "strategic outreach" efforts. 

FCA is actively seeking to collaborate other security organizations to create the “community of practice.” Our board members serve as CyberPatriot mentors, (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online teachers, ISSA Board Members, and we routinely volunteer our time with other organizations as necessary. Building these connections is critical component in the development of the Central Florida cyber security competency. 

How do you decide which initiatives to sponsor? We would like to sponsor every initiative that comes to mind! Unfortunately, depending on the initiatives, we may need volunteers, financing, donations, and so on. We have a very open criteria to deciding new initiatives to tackle. They must 1) benefit the Florida security community in some measurable way, 2) be able to be executed without negative legal or safety implications, 3) be reasonably attainable, and 4) be properly resourced. ANYONE may suggest a new initiative; member or otherwise!

How can I help?  The Florida Cyber Alliance relies on Volunteers and Donors! Please consider volunteering in one of our initiative areas and donating to our general fund. If you aren't able to find an FCA initiative that's right for you, please see our "Get Involved" page and engage a local community security organization to see how you can help them further the cause!