Membership Information

The Florida Cyber Alliance is a community-focused non-profit organization. Your membership dues go directly towards programs and activities that help build our community of practice and develop the Florida cybersecurity community. See our initiatives pages for examples of how we help the community grow!

There are currently 2 levels of membership:

  • General Members are those members who are current information security practitioners or planning to make a move into information security who have a desire to grow and enrich the security industry in Florida. General members are entitled to all membership benefits.
  • Student Members are those members who are currently enrolled in a full-time degree program and are NOT currently employed as a information security professional. Students employed as interns may also apply for this level of membership. Student members may not vote or hold FCA officer or FCA director positions.

We also have a way to get a free FCA membership! If you volunteer for any FCA event (such as CyberCamp), you are eligible for a free one-year general membership. This is our way of saying thank you to all those who are able to donate your precious time to the community.

Exclusive Member Benefits

FCA Members will receive exclusive discounts from a growing-list of FCA supporters, including: IT University OnlineHackerWarehouse, and Kaspersky. These discounts are available immediately after you join.



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